Q & A with 2017 Scholarship Winner Maria Dozier

Q: Where are you from? A: Ypsilanti, Michigan Q: Where do you go to school currently and what is your major? A: The University of Florida, Sustainability Q: Where did you find the Ted Rollins scholarship? A: The Ted Rollins scholarship was actually matched to me and my environmental interests on Q: How has the scholarship helped you in your college career?  A: With the help of the Ted Rollins scholarship, I was able to eliminate my use of loans in my financial aid process entirely. Not owing any money to my University helped me become more financially stable...

Fall 2016 Scholarship: Carmaletta Hinson

2016) Ted Rollins and TXG Capital have announced Carmaletta Hinson as the winner of their fall 2016 semester eco scholarship. Hinson graduated from Kenston High School and will be attending Case Western Reserve University located in Cleveland, Ohio in the fall. Hinson has plans to study biology and cognitive science and will receive $1,000 that may be used to assist with the cost of tuition, books or living expenses.