Ted Rollins Eco Scholarship

As visionaries for the future of sustainability, we have a responsibility to protect and enhance the environment around us. The corporate case for investing in sustainability is no longer just a good PR move to do the right thing-it’s driving the market and impacting the bottom line. In addition to the rapid return on investment (RROI), sustainable efforts are also significantly impacting purchase decisions and are a competitive differentiator for a majority of consumers.

At the end of the day, businesses have the creativity, the power and the scale to make big things happen. Bold new ideas, innovative “green” products and sustainability breakthroughs are factors necessary to inspire real change. Companies that recognize how natural resources, climate change and alternative energy can impact innovation and new business models, will be the driving force for sustainability our world so desperately needs.

As energy costs continue to rise and supply levels remain uncertain, companies can’t afford to ignore sustainability any longer.